Terms, Privacy, and Citation

Terms of Agreement + Privacy Policy

We worked with C. Handy Law firm to develop clear and explicit terms of agreement and privacy policies that align with our values. This is often something that you just passively agree to, check the box, and move on; however we believe that these sorts of agreements are not just perfunctory, they are how we agree to what we are each accountable to each other for. Even if you do not read the full documents which can be found at the bottom of our home page, please watch the brief videos created by C. Handy Law Firm to summarize the main ideas in these documents.

Citing the Work

Our work is a labor of love and we are so happy to share it with you, and for you to share your learning with your community. And, as we do that, we also want to be clear about the importance of protecting and respecting our intellectual property and properly citing your foundations. Some of this work is the foundation of the financial sustainability of our organization and so there are limitations to what and how you can share information. You can think of the content in two buckets: A) free content online that we encourage you to share, and B) original content that Spring Up created that can only be accessed by students and partners through purchasing our online class content or working with our organization.

Do not share the original Spring Up content of this transformative justice course without explicit consent from Spring Up. Cite us as you use the tools and resources we created in your life to honor the labor that we put into this work. This document includes examples of how to cite Spring Up materials. If you think that others would benefit from this content, please refer to them to future opportunities to participate in this class or engage with our other materials.

Sharing this Course

If you take this course, love it, and want to share it with others - we encourage you to do so! You can even get a 20% commission of all purchases that you refer. In order to get an "affiliate link" that will help us keep track of who you refer as well as send you your commission, email [email protected] asking for an affiliate link for the TJ Mini-Class.

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