This course is currently accepting applications for our 2022 classes to be held in the summer and fall. The application is embedded at the bottom of this page.

Our Consent, Gender, Power class is an opportunity for community educators, advocates, care providers, and people impacted by gender based violence to explore the roots of violence and frameworks of prevention and response. Through this course we dive into the history, power dynamics, and systems that perpetuate and uphold gender based violence as well as strategies and tools to practice consent, healing, and harm reduction. Research has shown that in order to address sexual and intimate partner violence through restorative and transformative justice, facilitators must be equally trained in restorative / transformative justice practices AND the intricacies of gender based violence (Center for Court Innovation).

This course can pair with our Transformative Justice course to give you the toolkit you need to address this widespread and deeply personal type of violence. Other practitioners who are addressing sexual and intimate partner violence through crisis response work, shelters, advocacy, peer education, healthcare, and the criminal legal system can also take this course on it’s own to skill up on values driven tools and analysis that can strengthen their practice without needing to take a deeper dive into Transformative Justice.

At Spring Up we are deeply engaged in the work of preventing and responding to gender based violence (the violence we all experience rooted in the gender binary). We have been teaching consent education since 2014. Our first curriculum was an intersectional analysis of the root causes of gender based violence that we facilitated with campus based coalitions and organizers. In 2019 we ran a 6 month Consent Fellowship with youth organizers from South Florida to share community based strategies to prevent and respond to gender based violence. Over the years we have adapted our curriculum based on community questions, feedback, and spaces of collaborative imagination. Through this 8-week course, you can now get access to the tools and frameworks we have come to rely on in our practice of consent including an in depth analysis of the roots and causes of gender based violence, as well as strategies to practice gender liberation, consent, and healing.

The Details

We will have curated cohorts selected in pairs or as a group - this means you and a learning partner or group from your life all need to individually apply for the course and commit to going through the content together. This is because we have found that learning and healing cannot happen in isolation and folks are much more likely to bring what they learn back to their communities if they have accountability buddies who know them and their context enough to have deep conversations about how what you are learning applies to your lives and community. We do also accept groups of people who want to go through the course in a small group rather than a pair. If you have a group of 10 or more who would like to take this class as a private cohort, fill out the interest form at

Applicants who are selected will get access to:

  • Two cohort question & answer sessions with Spring Up team members; one at the beginning of the course and one at the end of the course.
  • A print copy of Spring Up’s accompanying Consent workbook and the Millennial Sex Education book of fictional short stories will be sent to you in the mail (including for international students).
  • 7 modules of online content, each to be released weekly. Each module has about 2 hours of content to review including journaling and reflection prompts.
  • Weekly office hours with our Teaching Artists and coaches to discuss what the content and themes are surfacing in your life, ask questions, get a recap of the pre-work, and hang out with the bluelight community.
  • Spring Up team members will be attuned to our online platform with the ability to respond to questions and comments left under the various resources and modules. We also encourage you to respond and engage with each other! The community is full of wisdom and is just as much about building relationships between students as learning from Spring Up.
  • Optional add on: You can register for 1-3 individual or pair private coaching sessions with our transformative justice coaches for an additional fee.
  • If you complete the content including weekly brief feedback forms and a closing reflection during the course timeframe, you will receive a free surprise gift in the mail!
  • You will have access to the course content for one year, and can choose to renew your access for a lower fee at that time if you choose to.

There are two rolling application deadlines: April 27th for the summer course or early entry into fall class, and August 31st for the fall course only. Both you and your buddy or group need to have applied by the deadline in order for either of you to be considered. If we fill all of the spots after the first deadline, we may close registration early.

This course is offered at a sliding scale between $250 and $350 per person. The actual cost is $300. You are welcome to pay this upfront or in three installments. If you would need a scholarship to be able to contribute please indicate what you are able to pay in the application - scholarships are available upon request.

The bulk of this course is asynchronous / self guided with space for you to discuss the content with your learning buddy, other people in your life, or with other class participants in office hours.

Overview of the Content + Timeline

This course will be held twice in 2022--once in the summer and once in the fall--with content being posted weekly on Friday, and optional office hours being held by our teaching artists and coaches for one hour later in the week.

  • Module 0: Welcome and Community Building Before the course begins you will receive our community agreements, guidance on how we address harm at bluelight academy, materials for the course, and a safety and self care plan that we encourage you to work on before the content begins. In our first session we will share FAQs about the course and get to know each other a little better!
  • Module 1: Gender Binary What is the gender binary and where does it come from? Why was it designed this way? What are its legacies and impacts today?
  • Module 2: Roots of Violence What is gender based violence and how does it relate to race, class, ability, and sexuality? Who experiences violence and who perpetuates it? How do systems and institutions normalize violence?
  • Module 3: Power + Control How do we navigate and perpetuate gender based violence interpersonally? How does gender, power, and surveillance show up in our relationships, families, and schools?
  • Mid-Course Break, Community Mixer, & Alumni Database: At this point in the course you have the option to join our alumni database of people around the world who want to stay in the community, learn together, and support each other's work.
  • Module 4: Nonbinary Praxis What does nonbinary mean? How can we all learn from nonbinary people and praxis? How can we analyze and strategize around power in a nonbinary way and deconstruct core binaries in anti-violence organizing?
  • Module 5: Consent What is consent? Where does it come from and how could it restructure our social practices? How can we each practice consent in all aspects of our lives?
  • Module 6: Healing + Justice What is healing and what can it look like? What are some of the challenges and pitfalls in anti-violence movements and strategies? How can we practice care, reduce harm, and seek justice?
  • Closing Reflection: You are invited to share an optional reflection on your learning journey with our team and the community in response to any of the following prompts. Reflections from course alumni are integrated throughout the course.
    • Learning: WRITE, SPEAK, SING, DRAW or COMPOSE something that connects to a key learning you had during the course.
    • Growth: celebrate your growth by engaging in nature and physically planting something in honor of that and sharing more about what growth you’re honoring.
    • Connection: keep the momentum of connection going by crafting a commitment to yourself and your community.

Your Instructor

Spring Up Team
Spring Up Team

Spring Up is a collective of care workers, transformative justice practitioners, liberatory educators, and coaches practicing and teaching the liberatory arts here at bluelight academy. We cultivate a culture of consent and liberty for all through storytelling and popular education.